Wait, is that Senior Portraits?

If and when you graduate kid, I'll take your Senior Portraits.... This is what I told Dillon, when I first started out in the photography industry 5 years ago, during Blue Bonnet family portraits.... Well I kept my promise...

Dillon Rail Road Tracks

Sweet Shellie, Dillon's Mother and I had an adventure that day. Starting at The Harbor in Rockwall, Texas "the hang out spot" and The famous Royse City railroad tracks and ending with hanging out with some friends at The Well Coffee Lounge in Royse City, Texas. It was true honor to fulfill a promise. Time goes by way too fast.... Thank you to the "The Well Coffee Lounge for staying open a little longer. If you haven't been to The Well, you are missing out. The coffee and sandwiches are amazing and hearing local bands play is great for hanging out with friends or getting to know new ones.

Its time to get dressed.....


Stunning Featured Vendors / Providence Place Bridal Boutique in Rockwall, Texas / Hidden Creek Wedding Venue in Heath, Texas / Spirited Photography Events 

Elegant / Timeless / Romantic

Mariel Wedding Dress Designer, Crystal Beaded Embroidered AppliquéŽs on Tulle, and Shimmering Sparkle Net Take This Stunning Mermaid Bridal Gown to a Dreamy New Level, Shown in Ivory/Caramel. From Providence Place Bridal Boutique in Rockwall, Texas. 



Stunning Featured Vendors / Chroma Beauty Salon, Makeup & Hair Artist Merdith Vilachica /  Dom and Kirsten with Wild Rose Events and Floral Design 


"I'm so Blessed" moment....

As I was genuinely making her laugh, Jennifer kept saying I can't believe this is happening, this was her moment of looking up and saying Thank you God, I'm just so happy. Jennifer said "She walked in to Providence Place Bridal Boutique, everyone was very inviting and helped her pick, "The Dress" of her dreams. Providence Place Bridal Bouqtique is located at the Rockwall Great Lake Harbor, a great place to "Say Yes to the Dress",  and enjoy the different restaurants available, have a glass of wine or two, while you enjoy music and the breeze from the Lake. 

Family Growing through Adoption....

Though you may not have grown in my belly, you have grown in my heart, with the wait, then the heart break of wanting to grow our family, the many prayers and God's enduring power and grace to mend my heart with the fact that one day you will arrive, my phone will ring and we will head to the court house and then we will meet each other. I hope and pray that we will be enough for you, so with God's guiding us, and with friends and family support, we will do our best to show you all the love in our heart. That my darling, is you growing in my heart.

Whichever Boot Fits

As we were shooting this session, people were saying congratulations, they didn't see the sign of Growing through Adoption yet and when they did, Lindsey started to explain. I later spoke with Lindsey about how she did not have to explain, adoption is just another way we have our babies..


I can not wait to see this young couple have that First Time Parent, am I doing this right, tired and happy look on their face. :) 

Luxury Elopement Wedding @HiddenCreekWeddingVenue

A Styled Shoot turned Luxury Elopement  

A growing trend in the wedding industry, couples are opting to forgo the long process of wedding planning and choosing a Designer Experience. A Luxury Elopement is all the fun and elegance of a wedding with an intimate guest count. After determining the couple style, and color palette, Samuel and Jennifer Ramirez then allowed a team of selected vendors to plan and execute a personalized wedding experience.

Stunning Featured Vendors / Hidden Creek Wedding Venue in Heath, Texas / Wild Rose Events and Floral Design / Am Linen Rental / Chroma Beauty Salon / Shayla's Cakes / Providence Place Bridal Boutique / Love Notes Wedding / Spirited Photography Events

Ready, Set, Shop

For two days Jennifer and Samuel enjoyed catching up with their entourage while shopping for wedding attire. If you ever watched the movie 27 dresses, you would appreciate the simplicty of not only having one maid of honor and best man, but shopping for them as well.  

How a Facebook Post led from a court house wedding to a Luxury Elopement.

Samuel and Jennifer met at church in the summer of 2009. Jennifer missed some Sundays, which lead Samuel to ask about her.  As their love story grew so did their family. After being blessed with the birth of Jannessa and Samantha, the couple decided to go to the court house to tie the knot and plan later for the Wedding of their dreams. Two days before the court house wedding, while scrolling through the Rockwall Exchange Facebook Page, Jennifer noticed a model call for a Wedding Style Shoot. Little did she know that her Dream Wedding was about to come true. 

"Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs"

There will be times, when you find yourself right in the middle of the place you are meant to be. Invite those times. Notice those times. Live for them.
M.H Clark

This is Jennifer Lackey an Instagram / InstantBoss, Entrepreneur. Jennifer helps Entrepreneurs, just like me to take over the world of social media, one platform at a time and truly educates, support other Entrepreneurs. So she took a deep breath, said a prayer and opened her InstantBoss Club Platform.

We found the perfect Down Town Dallas High Rise in Dallas, Texas for photo shoot location. Jennifer and her best friend Whitney and I had a blast.. We laughed, talked to the belly and captured some really great professional head shots and stock photos.


Jennifer and I meet soon after she was engaged. Jennifer and her finaice Wesley were touring a Wedding Venue, (I helped with) and decided to bring me on board for their much needed wedding coordination services, then later decided to book with me for Wedding Photography Art services.

Jennifer and Wesley couldn't have imagined the fun filled meet ups I had planned for them to disucss wedding timeline, layout design, budgets and sentimental ceremony ideas.

Jennifer and Wesley discussed a Butterfly Release for their Unity Ceremony. So of course, my mind went with.... Lets meet up at The Texas Discovery Garden. (one of my favorite gardens in Dallas, Texas). Sometimes, clients never understood my madness for meet ups, but soon will realize the potential of catching up at different locations other than my office.

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. 

Well for me, if we are considering a Butterfly Release, lets spend 2 hours at the Butterfly Gardens, and ask John Watts, Entomologist at the Texas Discovery Gardens, who he would recommend for purchasing butterflies through safe Butterfly Farmers. So, not only did Jennifer and Wesley and Denise "aka brides mom / my new mom", get to see the butterflies, was touched by one, only by when the butterfly landed on them. They made a wedding decision together, ordered the Butterflies and completed one of the Wedding Check list all in one meeting.