Family Growing through Adoption....

Though you may not have grown in my belly, you have grown in my heart, with the wait, then the heart break of wanting to grow our family, the many prayers and God's enduring power and grace to mend my heart with the fact that one day you will arrive, my phone will ring and we will head to the court house and then we will meet each other. I hope and pray that we will be enough for you, so with God's guiding us, and with friends and family support, we will do our best to show you all the love in our heart. That my darling, is you growing in my heart.

Whichever Boot Fits

As we were shooting this session, people were saying congratulations, they didn't see the sign of Growing through Adoption yet and when they did, Lindsey started to explain. I later spoke with Lindsey about how she did not have to explain, adoption is just another way we have our babies..


I can not wait to see this young couple have that First Time Parent, am I doing this right, tired and happy look on their face. :)